Thierry Dimanche is the principal emissary of Thierry Bissonnette, a professor of Quebec literature and creative writing at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. He was a member of the editorial board of the defunct literary journal OVNI and is the author of several poetry collections, including: Le thé dehors, L’aurore marâtre, D’où que la parole théâtre and, more recently, Autoportraits-robots published in 2009 by Hexagone (Le Quartanier). His most recent collection, Avant le timbre Un nouveau titre, also published by Hexagone, will be out shortly. Thierry Dimanche has participated in many poetry events that reveled in freely mixing a wide variety of iconoclastic and sacred elements, in addition to having conceived and designed Des suzes de Brackchita, hommage à Claude Gauvreau, a show produced by Rhizome to pay homage to former Quebec poet and dramatist Claude Gauvreau.