Monika Rinck lives in Berlin. Since 1989 she has published more than 20 books in a number of publishing houses. Her most recent poetry books are Alle Türen [All the Doors], (kookbooks, 2019) and Champagner for the Horses, (S. Fischer Verlag 2019). Monika Rinck is member of the P.E.N, the Academy of Arts Berlin and Vice-President of the German Academy for Language and Literature. In 2015, Monika Rinck was awarded the Kleist-Preis and in 2016 the Ernst-Jandl-Preis. She translates, most notably with Orsolya Kalász from the Hungarian. She collaborates with musicians and composers, and she teaches from time to time at the German Institute for Literature in Leipzig and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Photo: Gene Glover
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